Overwhelmed by your research project?

Successful researchers have a roadmap - they seem to effortlessly know what needs to be done. 

But let's face facts! The early career research stage is tough. Interesting, intellectually challenging, pushing back frontiers of knowledge, working with talented people from around the world - all fantastic things. But have you ever ...

  • Wondered what else you need to think about apart from your research question?
  • Wondered how to tell the right people in the right way about your research?
  • Felt overwhelmed by all the things you should be doing?
  • Worried about what research might be costing you personally?
  • Tried to explain to your family just what your research is about?

Lots to think about. Which battles to fight?

But you are focused on your main battle: your research project. 

And the only person who is going to prioritise your career is ... you.

So what if you could ...
  • Go through your project step by step
  • Map out everything you had to think about
  • Ensure you don't miss key pointers to success
  • Feel in control of your project
AND get there in a couple of hours?
A researcher writing on post-its on a canvas

This is where the Successful Researcher Roadmap comes in!

Create a map of your project using a brilliant canvas adapted especially for researchers from the world of entrepreneurship. Supported by an hour and half of friendly videos broken into bite size chunks, we will look at all the building blocks to success. Each video is accompanied by an exercise to help you apply it to your research situation.

A circuit board
Electrical engineer, University of Cambridge

You should take this course if you are overwhelmed by everything you need to accomplish in your PhD/fellowship. This exercise will help you set your priorities

A conical flask with bubbles
Biologist, University of Cambridge

You should take this course if you need to see your project in the big picture and the importance of it because it makes it easier to visualise where you are and where you are going

Dr J Montgomery, Biologist and science communicator

The tutorials are supportive and helpful – Emma walks you through the sections whilst also encouraging you to really think for yourself and explore but in a scaffolded way so you aren’t left floundering. This is a motivating and inspiring course to really look in-depth at the fundamentals of your research project and career and is definitely not just another go-through-the-motions tool.

Example Curriculum

Dr Emma Williams - Hello!

I'm Emma. I love coffee. I love science. And I love working with early career researchers to help them get the very best out of their careers. Poacher turned game keeper? I have certainly been there and worn the lab coat! I enjoy the challenge of working with sparky, bright people which is why I have worked in and around universities as a researcher, staff developer and consultant for over 25 years. At ease with both STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) researchers and those in professional services, I have worked with universities in the UK and overseas. I am a co-author of "What every postdoc needs to know" aimed at those experiencing the tricky early career research years.

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